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Other packaging plastics

You want to dispose of packaging plastics and composite materials?

  • Big bags, PP woven fabric
  • PP/PET strapping bands
  • PP multiwall sheets
  • PP/PS Plant trays, flower pots
  • Styrofoam (reg. trademark Styropor®,ex BASF), EPS
  • Canisters / barrels (HDPE), completely emptied and rinsed
  • Intermediate bulk containers (IBC)
  • Fuel oil tanks
  • PP buckets
  • PET bottles
  • IT/TV casings

Please note that all qualities, especially packagings like canisters, barrels and big bags, must be free from harmful residues.


We offer…

  • Individual counselling and assessment of your recyclables – also on site
  • Fair market value for your packaging recyclables
  • Timely and guaranteed pick-up throughout Germany
  • For economic transport, we only accept recyclables pressed into bales (films/PET), in Octabins, Big Bags or palletised.
  • Prompt payment of your sales invoice
  • Issuing of a recycling certificate according to the Packaging Ordinance upon prior agreement


Please feel free to contact the S+D Kunststoffrecycling experts for a quotation