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LDPE industrial films

LDPE films account for the largest part of the goods we trade. The films are generally provided to mechanical recycling.
Generally, the LDPE film bales undergo just a brief visual check before processing. The straps are cut open, and the bale is transported into a coarse shredder via an ascending conveyor. Only after shredding, magnetic separation and perhaps non-ferrous metal separation is conducted in order to protect the downstream machinery.

For this reason, a strict pre-sorting and mono-fraction collection are very important. The shredded film fragments are ground into fine particles and subsequently washed and dried or fed dryly into the extruder depending on the processing technology. At about 200°C, the material becomes a viscous mass which is pressed through a fine-meshed screen which removes slight impurities. This way, (re)granulate is formed. These high-quality regranulates are used for the production of refuse bags, carrier bags and agricultural films. This results in a significant reduction of CO2-emissions as compared to the utilisation of virgin plastic and incineration of the secondary material.

The processing is conducted according to the EC Transfrontier Shipment of Waste Regulation (No 1013/2006), recovery operation R3.

You want to dispose of polyethylene transport packaging film (e.g., EWC No 15 01 02 or 02 01 04) in one of the following qualities?

  • Shrink hoods, clear
  • Brickyard plastic films
  • Tyre films
  • Pellet bags
  • 98-2
  • 95-5
  • 80-20
  • 60-40
  • Jazz
  • Agricultural film (e.g., silage cover films, agricultural stretch films


We offer…

  • Individual counselling and assessment of your recyclables – also on site
  • Fair market value for your LDPE film recyclables
  • Timely and guaranteed pick-up throughout Germany
  • For economic transport, we only accept films pressed into bales
  • Prompt payment of your sales invoice
  • Issuing of a recycling certificate according to the Packaging Ordinance upon prior agreement


Please feel free to contact the S+D Kunststoffrecycling experts for a quotation