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S+D Kunststoffrecycling

S+D Kunststoffrecycling is operating as a trading company for packaging films and other plastic products for recycling since the year 2000. In order to meet the requirements of this fast-growing sector, we relocated our company from Hamburg to Stelle/Ashausen. Since then, we dispose of large-scale storage areas and excellent sorting and handling possibilities. Annually, we supply more than 25,000 metric tons of plastics to mechanical recycling.

We have established excellent sales opportunities for nearly all common qualities of polyethylene films and for many other plastics.

Benefit from S+D Kunststoffrecycling

… as a supplier of recyclables

You can provide plastic films, packaging plastics or plastic production residues for recycling? We are always interested in purchasing suitable qualities!

4 steps to do business with S+D Kunststoffrecycling:

Step 1:

You contact us

Step 2:

We assess the quality of your recyclables – also on site

Step 3:

You receive our quotation, including details on price and pick-up

Step 4:

We care about all details of the transport and further handling of your goods


We guarantee a fast and reliable pick-up and transport by our carriers and prompt payment of your recyclables. You can rely on us!

… as a purchaser of recyclables

You require plastic films, packaging plastics or plastic production waste for your recycling company? We can ensure a reliable supply with constant qualities!

S+D Kunststoffrecycling is a reliable and interesting trading partner:

  • Many years of market experience
  • Experienced in trading with customers also in the Far East
  • Stable supplier structure
  • State-of-the-art handling store
  • Reliable product properties ensured by in-house quality control
  • Fair, attractive prices


If you want to dispose of suitable recyclables, please contact the S+D Kunststoffrecycling experts.